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Faced with sluggish Chromebook sales and challenged by surprisingly innovative Windows machines, Google will reportedly release a touchscreenlaptop later this year. A Wall Street Journal scoop says that the search giant will double down on its commitment to manufacturing hardware with a touchscreen laptop powered by the Chrome operating system. And based on the rest of Google’s hardware lineup — both the Chromebook and the Nexus 7 tablet start at $199 — it’ll probably be frighteningly affordable. It will also be one thing that Google has that Apple does not.

Touchscreen laptops are not a new invention. They’ve been on the market for a while now, after Lenovounveiled the world’s first “flip-and-fold design” laptop at CES 2012. The idea is somewhat controversial, but in the words of Sean Hollister at The Verge, “Surprisingly, touchscreen laptops don’t suck.” That “surprisingly” is in there pretty specifically…

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In my previous blog about Digital Era, I was addressing the growth of Digital Media in modern times and how effective it’s being implemented in our day to day activities. This blog is intended to emphasis the importance of social media and its contribution to our business growth.

Before I proceed to the significance of Social media for businesses, let me refresh you with the current stats:

  • 1.06 billion monthly active users are on Facebook
  • 1 out of every 7 minutes spent online is on Facebook
  • 340 million tweets are sent every day by 200 million active users
  • 61% of 100 million LinkedIn members use it for professional networking
  • 79% of the Pinterest users are Female
  • Google +1ed more than 5 billion times every day
  • More than 1 billion photos are uploaded in Instagram
  • 4 billion views are registered on Youtube every day

When I see the above stats…

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