Clementine Vintage


I have breathed, slept, ate, and bled this vanity since I bought her. When we found Ella she was coated in thick, probably lead-based paint that was worn in all the wrong places. The center mirror panel was missing completely, and the mirror itself wasn’t even mounted on the vanity. As much as I would have liked to just lightly sand her and then repaint, I was afraid of the safety of the paint itself, so I decided to strip her completely.

It was an incredibly lengthy process. Older paints are so difficult to remove, and I went home sore almost every night. After she was finally stripped and sanded, two separate shades of white were layered on the exterior, and then sanded for texture. I mixed up a custom orange sherbet shade for the interior drawers, and the original hardware was stripped and reused. To add a little…

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