Clementine Vintage


I have breathed, slept, ate, and bled this vanity since I bought her. When we found Ella she was coated in thick, probably lead-based paint that was worn in all the wrong places. The center mirror panel was missing completely, and the mirror itself wasn’t even mounted on the vanity. As much as I would have liked to just lightly sand her and then repaint, I was afraid of the safety of the paint itself, so I decided to strip her completely.

It was an incredibly lengthy process. Older paints are so difficult to remove, and I went home sore almost every night. After she was finally stripped and sanded, two separate shades of white were layered on the exterior, and then sanded for texture. I mixed up a custom orange sherbet shade for the interior drawers, and the original hardware was stripped and reused. To add a little…

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Clementine and Lace


Yesterday on a spontaneous trip to El Corte Inglés (large Spanish department store) we ended up somehow in the middle of the stationery and crafts section. They had all kinds of gorgeous notebooks, writing sets, cards, every kind of paint, bright chubby crayons and a glistening display of perfectly sharpened colouring pencils which quickly became a necessary impulse buy. I want to draw!

But I could never draw. Ever. I know this very well. My brother was always the one with the artistic flair, drawing video game characters and making his own comics.
Blatantly ignoring this fact, I was pretty excited about these pencils (Staedtler, to be more specific) and when I got home and started doodling random things, overlooking their quality, it was quite relaxing. A benefit in itself really!

On the other end of the spectrum, before we returned home we took our bag filled with newly purchased pencils…

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This winning combination will provide the skin with everything is needs to keep it…

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Tuesday February 19th 2013

KUWAIT – OCTIUM, The region’s leading and most sought after multi-brand jewelry boutique , presented the works of talented Kuwaiti designers for an exclusive showcase of designer jewelry under the theme “FOR THE LOVE OF KUWAIT” on Tuesday February 19th, 2013 at the luxurious Octium Boutique in 360 Mall, Kuwait.
The event cyphers a theme around the National and Liberation days of Kuwait, binding in the subject and the jewelry presented as creative interpretations of the designer’s love and patriotism towards their beloved country.
This event falls as the first occurrence of many future events at Octium, hosting local Kuwaiti jewelry designers under Octium’s International umbrella. The exclusive collections presented are creations designed by three gifted designers whom include: DANA NAFISI Jewelry by Dana Al Nafisi, NWN Designs by Nada Al Nafisi…

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